Cancer During COVID: Breast Cancer (Lunch 'n Learn with the Doctors)

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Drs. Hopkins, Fontanilla and Ronnen discuss an overview of breast cancer, focusing on how management has changed during the COVID pandemic. Issues addressed include:

  • Breast cancer overview
  • Adjustment to standard guidelines for screening mammograms during COVID
  • Adjustment to follow up mammograms scheduling during COVID
  • Recommendations for chemo versus anti hormonal therapy during COVID
  • Recommendations for timing of radiation during COVID
  • Where cancer patients can find mental health support during this time


  • Dr. Hiral Patel Fontanilla, Radiation Oncologist, Princeton Radiation Oncology
  • Dr. Lisa Hopkins, Breast Surgeon, Saint Peter's Breast Center
  • Dr. Ellen Ronnen, Medical Oncologist, Regional Cancer Care Associates, Central Jersey