Trauma and Self-Care (Zoom)

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This presentation will discuss ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences. This can include experiences such as physical and emotional abuse, neglect, being exposed to household violence or living with someone who is experiencing mental illness. The more ACEs that a child is exposed to, the more likely it is they will suffer from things such as heart disease, chronic illnesses, poor academic achievement and substance misuse later in life. Learn about Self Care and some Self Care techniques that you can use in everyday life.


Presented by Mara Carlin and Nicki Francis of Wellspring Center for Prevention

Mara Carlin graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1999.  She began work as a SPARK counselor for the New York City Board of Education from 1999-2002, where she provided substance use prevention programs to students at Sheepshead Bay High School.  She was also the peer leadership advisor through the SPARK program where she helped high school students facilitate conflict resolution. In 2002, Mara joined Wellspring Center for Prevention, formally known as NCADD of Middlesex County as the REBEL Coordinator, New Jersey’s youth anti-tobacco movement, and soon after became the Education Coordinator for the agency.  Mara left the agency in 2008 to stay home with her 2 sons, and returned full time in 2015.  Mara is currently the Coordinator of Coalition and Community Programs where she manages several of the agencies grants and coordinates the Coalition for Healthy Communities.

Nick Francis joined Wellspring Center for Prevention in 2015. Nicki is multi-certified in evidenced-based prevention strategies and proficient in best practices for community-level change. She is an expert in facilitating Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug education presentations, violence prevention workshops; designing prevention curriculum development and making appropriate program modifications to match needs of target population.

Nicki has proven ability in research, writing and evaluating grant funded programs. Experience in conducting local needs assessment, gathering, analyzing and defining community needs; and scheduling and managing prevention programs and planned interventions.

Currently, Nicki is a trainer for agency programs, such as We’re Not Buying It 2.0 and after school prevention group programs for middle school students. She continues to develop and implement professional development programs for school faculty on the topic of social media influence.  She also delivers presentations on a variety of topics at school assemblies, to school educators, parents and administrators, and to healthcare professionals.

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