CANCELLED Kick the Sugar Habit

Sugary treats

Dom Campbell, a Behavior Transformation Expert and Certified Health & Empowerment Coach will present ways to kick the sugar habit.
During this 45-60 minute workshop you’ll have fun discovering:

  • The 3 Main Challenges experienced in trying to kick the sugar habit
  • Why the body craves sugar
  • How sugar is processed/metabolized by the body
  • 7 simple ways to kick the sugar habit (behavioral & habit based)

The program will end with an open Q&A.

Dom Campbell is a certified Behavior Transformation Expert, Health Coach, and empowerment coach. He strives to improve client health and well-being by focusing on transforming destructive habits. He shares strategies to help people bring balance to achieve inner happiness, abundance, and success.

Registration requested for this free program. Register online at or by calling the Information Desk at 732-390-6767.

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Meeting Room 3