SNAP Food Assistance Enrollment Help (Outdoors)

a picture of a shelf from a food bank

Getting Food Assistance is a SNAP! And the Community FoodBank Can Help!

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey will screen and if you are eligible, help you sign up for SNAP Benefits outside of the Library on Wednesday, July 21st from 10:30am to 12pm.

In the event of inclement weather, the enrollment help will be held indoors.

To register:

Please know and have the following to apply:

  • Form of Identification
  • Social Security Number for all SNAP applicants
  • Income for all SNAP applicants
  • Cost of rent/utilities
  • Medical expenses (if you are 60+ or disabled)
  • Dependent care expenses

Income Guideline
Oct.2020 to Sept. 2021
Poverty Level at 185 Percent

People in Household Gross Monthly Income*
1 $1,968
2 $2,658
3 $3,349
4 $4,040
5 $4,730
6 $5,421
7 $6,112
8 $6,802
Each Additional Person +$691
Gross Income is the income before taxes are taken out. 
Net Income is the amount that you take home.


Event Date